Stretch Cut Watermark

Adjust images, stretch, cut or watermark them and do it in batches!

If you need to process some bunch of photos, cut him in different sizes, put some text on top and save it with certain naming rules, you may find that StrecthCutWatermark app may be useful!

Do it in three main steps:

  1. Import and select photos you want to process,
  2. Define sizes, watermarks, and naming,
  3. Start processing and jump to resulting folders!

Log about what is done is saved in JSON format in the same root destination folder.

Try different settings for better results, different naming strategy and different ways to save outputs.

Have fun using the app, and share with us your needs!

Principal scheme of image processing
fig 1. import original images, deffine process and start processing

Some cool tips with screenshots!

Cool tips

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